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Happy Wednesday!!
So today I wanted to share my current hair care routine. Below I will let you know what products I’ve been loving lately and how I use them to maintain healthy, shiny hair. There is also a GIVEAWAY at the bottom so be sure to read through.
As always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or email me at styledadventures@gmail.com
Before washing my hair, I always brush it and make sure it’s completely free of tangles. 
This brush was designed for blow-drying. It retains heat better to help reduce drying time while giving you a sleek, damage free finish. I use this brush most!
This brush allows you to create multiple looks while blow-drying, it can straighten, create loose waves, or form tight curls. It is also designed for faster drying times and gives the perfect blowout!
The bristles on this brush contain anti-frizz serum, and give you a sleek shine. It is also anti-static and great for keeping your hair smooth and silky. I always use this brush after blow-drying.
Let me start by saying, I only wash my hair once a week. I understand everyone has different hair and there are lots of people out there that feel like they can’t go that long. But I am certain, that since I started washing my hair less, it has gotten healthier and stronger. The key to washing less is using a good  dry shampoo between washes.
When  Function Of Beauty reached out and asked if they could send me their customizable shampoo & conditioner, I was more than a little intrigued. Each shampoo and conditioner is uniquely formulated according to your hair profile and needs. You enter your hair type, structure, needs, goals,  as well as the scent, and they create the perfect shampoo and conditioner combo for your hair.  As a bonus, they print your name (or whatever you want) on the bottle. I kinda love that extra touch! The custom formula fits my hair perfectly and I’ve really enjoyed the results I’ve gotten.
If I have a lot of product buildup on my hair, I will shampoo twice. I always brush my hair in the shower after conditioning to keep it tangle free. THIS plastic brush lives in the shower just for the purpose. 
PS. There is a little giveaway at the bottom.
I was introduced to Olaplex at my salon while getting my hair lightened. My stylist mixes it in with the color to nourish and protect while lightening. I use this once a week (basically every wash) before shampooing and leave it on for about 10 min. I also run a small amount through my hair as a leave-in. This stuff is heaven-sent and has made a HUGE difference in my hair. I can’t do without it!
This mask leaves my hair feeling super soft and hydrated. I use it every wash after I condition. I leave it on for about 10 min. It helps to repair dry, damaged, and color-treated hair.
I ALWAYS use a heat protectant before drying my hair. This one is amazing because it’s also formulated to help reduce drying time, it’s anti-breakage, and protects up to 450 F. 
This stuff is liquid gold. Here’s what it does: de-frizzes, detangles, restores moisture & enhances highlights, shine and manageability without any dulling residues, tones hair color, enhances brilliance, reduces fading and protects hair from heat and UV rays. If you’re not blonde,  HERE is the regular formula.
As you can tell, I have a lot of hair. Drying it has always been my least fav thing, and most of the time I would just let it air dry to avoid spending 30 min drying it. All of that changed when I started using this dryer–it is soo lightweight and makes drying my hair so fast! I had been using them same crappy dryer for years. I had no clue the difference I would feel in my hair and how much time I would save by upgrading my dryer. Ladies, if you aren’t using a good hair-dryer you are missing out on life. It is definitely worth the investment!
I start by drying my hair all over. When it’s a little more than half dry, I section it off and use the  Square Thermal Rounder Brush to give myself a blowout.
After drying, I apply a small amount of smoothing cream through my hair. This helps to reduce frizz leaving my hair shiny, silky, and smooth. 
Now my hair is ready to style.
For these curls, I used the  NuMe 5-in-1 curling wand in the 25mm size.
Stay tuned for a full hair tutorial.

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  1. Entered!! I do the same usually wash my hair once a week and dry shampoo it but if I get lucky I am going to change that…thank you so much for this chance! Your hair is stunning!!!! Melissa Stephens lilmelissabeth@ail.com

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