27th Birthday-Get to know me!

Today I turned 27! 
For my birthday I thought it would be fun to share 27 things you might not know about me. 
Let’s get started…
I was born on Easter Sunday.
I love food, and basically everything I eat is my “favorite”. Especially, cake! I loveeee cake!
 I got married when I was 20. 
I still don’t know what I want to be when I “grow up”. But if you asked me 20 years ago, I would’ve said a CoverGirl model. Seriously, I wrote a paper on it. 
I wish I was a morning person. I’ve tried, it just doesn’t work. 
When I was younger I hated long hair. My parents wouldn’t let me cut it past my shoulders, so I would sneak scissors in the bathroom and cut it myself. 
I have 6 tattoos.
My eyes are one of my favorite features. They change from green to a blue-green depending on what I’m wearing and I love it!
I am always late!
Grande soy chai latte with 2 pumps of vanilla at kids temp is my go-to drink.
I started wearing (trying to wear) makeup in 2nd grade. I would put on my friends makeup in school and go home looking like a clown everyday. 
I know how to use power-tools and have remodeled multiple houses.
The beach is my favorite place ever. It’s so relaxing listening to the palm trees blowing in the wind and waves crashing. Florida sunsets are seriously amazinggg.
My favorite movie is The Holiday. 

I was homeschooled in high school. I did my homework in a bikini by the pool everyday. I had a reallyyy great tan back then.
I love naming things. If you get a new puppy or have a baby and need some help, I got you!
I buy fresh cut flowers every Sunday.
I love taking cruises. All you can eat food and total relaxation with no worries…heck yes! My favorite destination so far has been St. Thomas, USVI. 
hate chipped nail polish!
My dogs are my babies. They are the lights of my life. If I could put them in a stroller and take them everywhere with me I would. 
But it might look a little silly with a 65lb dog in a stroller…
My husband is the funniest person I know and can always make me laugh!

I grew up on a farm and had a pet pig, bunnies, cows and chickens.
I loved the animals but hated the farm life. I’ve always been a city girl.

I’ve never broken a bone or been pulled over.

hate math and swore I’d never need to use it in real life… I have a full time job in accounting. 
Go figure.
When I was younger I was obsessed with dancing and would have dance parties in my bedroom for hours on end. 
I truly believe everything happens for a reason and happens when it’s supposed to, not when you want it to.  
I could eat my weight in sushi and Chinese food.
Thank you so much for reading!! 
27 is going to be another spectacular year with amazing memories made and goals achieved.

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